January 3, 2023

Samantha Couick

Four Tips for Choosing an Outfit for your Session!

So you’ve booked your couples or engagement session and now you are wondering, what should I wear?! Keep reading below for four tips to choose what to wear for your session!

👆🏻Pick something you feel confident in! There’s nothing like stepping out in your fave outfit and the confidence boost it can bring. I don’t often wear dresses, but I love getting a new dress for photos. ASOS, H&M, and Baltic Born are some of my favorite places to look for clothes! If dresses aren’t the vibes for the session, then a good pair of ripped jeans, a cool jacket or your favorite romper are also perfect for the session!

✌🏼 Wear something fitting for the season! No sense in wearing a sweater in 90 degree heat or a little dress in 30 degree weather! It’s important to ensure that you are comfortable during your session to make the images look more natural and authentic.

🤟🏼 Get creative and add texture/layers! Jackets, hats, sunglasses etc are all fun ways to add a lil spice to your outfit!

✌🏼✌🏼 Choose neutral colors or earth/jewel tones, but not something that will melt into the background. For example, if we are going somewhere super green- chose something that will stand out a little bit more than a green outfit!

 Creams are always a good choice. If you choose a pattern, use the pattern to inform your choice for your partner so that you coordinate without being too matchy.


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