January 3, 2023

Samantha Couick

Four Tips for Your Next Adventure Session at an AirBnb

Adventure Sessions are becoming more and more popular nowadays- who doesn’t love the idea of traveling to a fun new place, seeing the beautiful sights and enjoying an awesome date with your significant other? Vacations are great, but getting to have them documented as well? You can’t get much better than that. I love getting to travel with you to new places- for example last year I went to Nags Head, Chimney Rock, Hanging Rock, Eno River State Park, Pilot Mountain and Albuquerque, New Mexico just to name a few! This year on the docket we have more spots along the Blue Ridge Parkway, Western North Carolina, Charleston, SC and Nags Head.

Whenever you do choose to book an adventure session, I recommend that you also find a fun AirBnb or VRBO! It can double as just a fun oasis on vacation and also an awesome place to begin your session. Fun fact, AirBnB also offer local experiences! I offer canoe photoshoots in the local Waxhaw area!

So, if you have chosen to go on vacation and you are considering an photoshoot at your AirBnb, here’s a few tips to consider when choosing your host home:

  • Choose a spot with unique characteristics. AirBnb has the awesome feature where you can choose a home based on the type of style/structure. A-frame cabins, tree houses, or just all around well decorated homes are perfect! Somewhere with both great indoor space and outdoor spaces is even better as it will allow for more variety in your photos!
  • Good lighting- choosing a home with good lighting is really helpful as it will allow for the photos to have a more natural look. Flash can also be really fun, so if you fall in love with somewhere a little darker, you can go that route. The main thing is to make sure that the home will give off the type of vibe you are going for- if you love natural lit photos, then make sure to find somewhere with a lot of windows and open spaces!
  • Fits the vibe you like- In Nags Head we ended up renting a beautiful A-frame home for our weekend get-away. We also used it for part of the adventure session and it was the perfect fit. We wanted something playful and near the water! The house we chose was right on the Sound and had their own little dock and even a cute little boat. We were able to use the awesome porch and the dock for the photoshoot. If you want something cozy during the winter, find a home that has a fireplace or a fire pit outside!
  • Get permission from owner! This is the KEY. We always want to make sure we are respectful of the land and homes we visit, so before officially booking the home or planning to have the photoshoot at the AirBnb, make sure to ask permission from the host first. Some hosts are not comfortable with photoshoots and others are completely okay with it!

Are you ready to go on an adventure and find your perfect shoot location? Make sure to reach out here and we will get started planning! I can’t wait to see where you and I will go next!SamanthaCouickPhoto-4.jpgSamanthaCouickPhoto-10.jpgSamanthaCouickPhoto-2.jpgSamanthaCouickPhoto-15.jpgSamanthaCouickPhoto-13.jpgSamanthaCouickPhoto-12.jpg

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