January 3, 2023

Samantha Couick

Best Time of Day for Portraits

Planning your wedding day timeline can be tricky and overwhelming- but don’t let it be! Here’s a few reasons you may want to consider scheduling your bride and groom portraits later in the day during what is called “golden hour” or “civil twilight” rather than during the early afternoon and bright sun. (Of course if the early afternoon or high sun is the only time available, have no fear- I am prepared to handle that too!).

Golden hour is the hour just before the sun sets, it provides warm, golden tones and the sun is lower in the sky, allowing for beautiful images. Civil Twilight is the time just after the sun goes down, while the sky is still a little light. The clouds turn beautiful pinks, oranges and purples during this time. This is personally my favorite time of day!

Here’s some reasons you may want to consider “golden hour” or “civil twilight” for portraits:

1: The lighting is softer- with the sun lower in the sky we can place you and your new spouse in front of the sun, providing a beautiful warm glow. Once the sun is below the horizon, the lighting is really soft and cool, giving beautiful even tones as seen below.

bride and groom posing during civil twilight

2. You get a chance to see the sunset- There’s nothing much more romantic than watching the sun set on your first day of marriage together. Rather than letting the day fly by, just enjoy each moment and time as it goes.

3. You get a short break to soak in the emotions of the day- For some more introverted couples or individuals, it’s helpful to get a few minutes outside of the dinner or reception. You can take a breather, enjoy one another and get a few extra portraits out of the deal! Some couples decide to do private vows during this time and the photos from that time are some of their favorites from the whole day.

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