Rose petal exit wedding trend 2024

January 2, 2024

Samantha Couick

Wedding Trends for 2024

Wedding trends come and go and I’m excited for what’s to come for 2024 weddings! After research and seeing what’s popular right now, here’s a compiled list of 2024 wedding trends I think I coming our way.

HOWEVER, Don’t make this mistake….

Forgetting to infuse your wedding day with YOUR personality. Trends are fun, but ultimately if you don’t like one, don’t follow it.

Your wedding day is a day to celebrate your love story and to share it with your closest friends and family. Add the fun colored shoes, have some tacos and guac or bring in an ice cream truck. Share your personality (and your fiancé’s) on your wedding day and it will be amazing and unique🤌🏼

If you’re interested in the trends coming, keep reading below!

1.Mantilla Lace Veils

these are most definitely a vintage vibe but they are just so classic and beautiful. They also add such an Italian vibe to your wedding look- I highly recommend! When choosing your wedding look I’d choose a more simple wedding dress so that your veil can stand out.

bride in mantilla lace veil
* Photo from Pinterest- original photographer unknown.

2. Single Color Bouquets

I’m a huge fan of this trend! I think it’s gorgeous and simple and a beautiful way to highlight your favorite wedding color and really give your florist a chance to get creative with the flower choices. This is such an easy wedding trend to try in 2024!

3.Linen welcome signs

Utilizing a linen welcome sign adds texture and movement into your wedding design. It’s a trend that started in 2023 and continues into 2024. It’s also something you can easily find on Etsy, here’s a link! , it’s also pictured below!

linen welcome sign

4.Large floral lace patterned dresses

Wedding dress designers are embracing large floral designs for 2024 collections. I think we will begin to see more and more large floral patterns, especially in lace. I would love to see more of these stunning dresses in 2024. Some of my favorite designers right now are Reem Acra (seen below from one of my recent brides!), Eisen Stein, Danielle Frankel and Lili Hod.

5. Bold colors

I think in 2024 we will see the pendulum swing from neutrals to bold colors both in florals and wedding styles. Bold and deep colors are making a comeback in bridesmaids dresses and other parts of the wedding day and I’m here for it! I love when couples use color to show their personality- use color to bring spunk to the wedding design.

6. Dutch Masters- Inspired Florals and Tablescape

This year is the year of the Dutch Masters inspired florals and tablescapes. This style is bringing Dutch still life paintings to life through your wedding design. The bold colors will really play into this as well. Many people are also bringing in fruits and vegetables to add depth and color to the wedding design. To achieve this look, you can incorporate different layers of fabrics, lots of florals, candles, and fruits.

dutch masters 2024 wedding trend

Now that 2023 has come to an end, I want to quickly review some of my favorite trends from this past year that I wouldn’t mind if they stuck around longer!

First things first, VINTAGE CAKES.

This wedding trend hit hard this past year and I’m totally in love with it still. It’s just so classic and when you look back on your wedding photos in 30 years, the cakes will still be considered beautiful. If vintage cakes aren’t your thing, then in 2024 I recommend a more abstract cake with playful florals and colors, bringing in the fruit and colors of the dutch masters artwork.

vintage wedding cake, charlotte wedding

Rose Petal Exits

Rose petal exits are so gorgeous and can be done any time of day. If you have an afternoon wedding that ends early and it’s still light out, you can use rose petals. Or if you are leaving late at night, rose petals are still stunning! It can also be safer than sparklers and is easier to find. Sparkler exits are often difficult to set up and sometimes they don’t light, delaying your exit. With rose petals you can already have them set aside in prepared cones so your guests can easily grab them. They aren’t time sensitive so you can take you time down the line and they will create a fun look in your photos!

rose petal exit with bride and groom


Second to last trend I’m still in love with- parasols. They add visual interest to your wedding design, along with a more romantic, playful look. They can also really help you out on sunny wedding days and help keep you from squinting so much! So not only do they look amazing, they are also very practical!

bride holding parasol in wedding dress at Morning Glory Farm

Lastly, my favorite wedding “Trend” that I’m pretty sure is here to stay….FILM.

2023 was the year film photography came in full force, and 2024 weddings will continue the trend. There’s just something so nostalgic about film that digital just cannot replicate. I’ve been shooting film for a few years now and it’s so fun to see more people enjoy the format! When shooting film you only have a small number of exposures you can take, you each shot has to be more intentionally set up or documented, so the photographer has to be especially mindful as they document a wedding day. Film by far is my favorite 2023 continued wedding trend heading into 2024!

If you like what you see and want to work with me to bring your wedding vision to life, send me a message so we can begin your journey!

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