January 3, 2023

Samantha Couick

Creating the Perfect Flatlay

Flatlays are a great way to include special details into your wedding day. They are a way to create art with your wedding details through materials, items and invitations. I love to create beautiful flatlays with details that have special meaning to you as a couple so that when you look back on your wedding gallery you will be reminded of things you love and your beautiful story. Before your wedding day, make sure to set aside a little box of items for me to use for your flatlay! It helps to set this box aside in the days before your wedding so that on the day of your wedding you do not have to search for the items or stress yourself out with extra items on your to-do list!

I always bring a styling kit with me to your wedding day, but having personalized details from you really help draw out your story! In my styling kit I include items like ribbon, stamps, ink well, a small gold frame, and a background. I know all couples are different and will have different items that are special to them. For the details, you can have as many or few of these items. Other items you can include are polaroids, extra flowers, and anything else meaningful to you two! Before the day of the wedding, set these items aside in a box so that I can easily begin photographing the details when I arrive.

When it comes to your details for the flatlay, here’s a few things you may want to include in your box:

  • Extra flowers that match your bouquet
  • Vintage details that have special meaning (maps, stamps, shears, perfume bottle, etc.)
  • Invitation, envelope, RSVP card, and name cards
  • Jewelry (rings, earrings, necklace, cufflinks, etc).
  • Veil
  • Letter to partner/vow books
  • Shoes
  • Wooden hanger for your dress
  • Watch
  • Cologne

Here’s a few samples below of flatlays:

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